• Hi Herowl,

    I hope to be cooperating more with you later in the future. I am currently an active player in the game, and I would like to add new things to the guide as well. I have currently just added a few more solutions to the Ashen update. I have currently just found the 11 cubes + 3 mold locations and making "semi-ugly" directions to getting them. I hope you don't mind that I edit the walkthough directly. I do have experience with every part of this guide. If you feel like you don't agree, you can completely remove what I did. I don't have much time to edit, so I will be doing what I can. I have no experience with Wikia scripts, so I'll be needing your help.

    I can be reached at


    Edit. If you need verification of who I am, I am more than happy to do so if it means I can benefit this Wikia more.

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    • You can look here . I have not much time to teach you, but I will try to make some new templates to make scripting easier. Help page for scripting Help:Templates Magic Words and Wikitext. Read those, that's really helpful. However, you don't really need to learn all as there are so much things you need much time for it. I also use OLD visual editor and "coded element" opton for scripting. If you look at table in source mode you will see why.

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    • I would also like to say I don't like when people insert their name under their edit. I've inserted to walkthrough photo from your link while removing your link. For turn to gif you need to make image for every step and then paste them in one. I won't do it as it takes much time. If you don't know it you can do much things without source editor or even templates.

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    • Alright, I'll remove my name. I apologize for the rude edit. Thank you for linking the picture.

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    • A FANDOM user
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