State Haze the Fallen Octofiend (1) Coral Golem (1)
def ? 176 220
hp 121229 4130 5262
mp - - -
str ? 268 215
dex ? 215 215
foc ? 118 96
wis ? 75 83
vit ? 219 279
res ? 220 176
lvl 44 44 44
atk melee / 2x attack / splash damage melee / poison / critical hit melee / 2x attack

Haze attacks twice per turn, with a random splash-damage effect, Haze Strike (1092 damage/electric).

Haze has the most health (about 120k) of all the bosses, but his hits are fairly weak, and his splash-damage doesn't trigger as often as the other bosses. He can, however, paralyze (for two turns) your party when attacks. On top of that, the paralysis effect is level 54, so you won't be able to cure it.

You may want to avoid choosing Haze as the first boss to fight, considering that having a paralyzed cleric or tank can easily change the outcome of a battle.

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