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State FerDal the Hag Clattering Captain (2)
def ? 160
hp 75305 3262
mp - -
str ? 225
dex ? 225
foc ? 120
wis ? 90
vit ? 200
res ? 200
lvl 40 40
atk melee / 2x attack / splash damage / thorns aura melee / 2x attack

FerDal attacks twice per turn, with a random splash-damage effect, Dark Elven Strike (920 damage/electric).

She also has a thorns aura that auto-casts randomly when she attacks, Guard of the Mountain (Level 39): 49 return damage to melee attackers.

Unlike the most of bosses, she is a necromancer class, which means health and mana leech with some poison on the side during battle.

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